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Here at The Healing Cauldron, we specialise in providing customers in the UK with CBD and hemp products, as well as a range of natural and organic related products with healing properties.

When it comes to CBD oils, there are different strains you can choose from. Our range of CBD oils includes Sativa CBD, which refers to the type of plant extract, which is associated with energy and recommended for use in the day. Within this category, we also offer Indica CBD oil, which refers to the named plant extract, offering a more relaxing effect and therefore best taken at night. Additionally, we stock Hybrid CBD oils, which is a strain of its own, also known as winterised CBD oil, with some other products seen in this category also combining the oil with turmeric in capsule form. You can also benefit from our CBD oil gift sets, available in two different strengths. Although CBD oil is not usually suitable for vaping, we do offer a range of e-liquid products that are suitable for use as vape juice.

As well as CBD oil, we also sell CBG oil, referring to the cannabinoid compound known as cannabigerol and can also be used to aid wellbeing. Both oils are intended as supplements to your usual diet, to be taken orally, we also have a range of capsules and edibles, including infused sweet treats to make the experience even more enjoyable. To create an even more long-lasting experience, we also offer CBD teas and infused fresh roast coffee from our drinks range. Additionally, we have a large range of organic herbs on offer.

What also makes our company stand out from the crowd is our range of balms and creams that typically contain natural anti-inflammatory properties, making you feel good outside and in. We also provide our own blends of essential oils, which can be used in an oil burner, in a relaxing bath, or mixed with a carrier oil for massage purposes.

A fully transparent company, we provide lab reports from our website, and have a list of FAQs about our CBD products. For anything else, feel free to get in touch with us.


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