Vape Wand Kit + 2 Cartridges


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A stylish and discreet small full spectrum CBD vape pen, perfect for on the go.

This Package includes 1 Battery, 1 Charger, and 2 Cartridges each containing 70 mg of CBD

Supplied in a stylish silver gift tin

Do Not Attempt to use this cartridge on other vapes as you will blow the coil.

Vape as and when required

Instructions for use:

Unpack your vape-wand Starter Kit

Its easy for you to get started straight away with your 1 ml ready to use Cartridge, Vape-wand Battery  and USB Charger.

Simply Screw the unit together by gently rotating your cartridge into the body until they are securely connected.  Take care to grip the glass section and not the mouth piece or it may unscrew.

Gently Inhale for 2-3 Seconds

Simply inhale via the silver mouthpiece for up to 3 seconds to enjoy a cloud of delicious silky smooth vapour.

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