Vape Wand Kit + 2 Cartridges


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A stylish and discreet small full spectrum CBD vape pen, perfect for on the go.

This Package includes 1 Battery, 1 Charger, and 2 Cartridges each containing 125 mg of CBD

Do Not Attempt to use this cartridge on other vapes as you will blow the coil.

Vape as and when required

Instructions for use:

Unpack your vape-wand Starter Kit

Its easy for you to get started straight away with your 1 ml ready to use Cartridge, Vape-wand Battery and USB Charger.

Simply Screw the unit together by gently rotating your cartridge into the body until they are securely connected.  Take care to grip the glass section and not the mouth piece or it may unscrew.

Gently Inhale for 2-3 Seconds

Simply inhale via the black mouthpiece for up to 3 seconds to enjoy a cloud of delicious silky smooth vapour.


CCell M3b Variable Voltage Battery

One of the best vape pen slim batteries in the industry just got even better! Now introducing the Authentic CCell M3b battery: a vape pen battery which has all the quality of the CCell M3, and puts you in control of your vaping experience. Whether it is your first battery, or your most recent, the M3b is not a battery you will not want to go without.

Features of the CCell M3b:

3 Click Voltage Change

  • Low= Blue (2.8V: 392°~ 410° F [200~210℃])
  • Medium = Yellow (3.2V: 410° ~ 428° F [210~220℃])
  • High = Green (3.6V: 428°~ 446° F [220~230℃])

Child-Resistant Lock, 5 Click On/Off Safety feature

Button Activated

Battery Capacity: 350 mAh

Dimensions 10.5 x 90 mm

Sleek Stainless-Steel Housing

510 Thread

USB Rechargeable


According to the manufacturer, CCell batteries are capable to provide 25% more vapor production compared to other brands. This means you can count on satisfaction when using CCell. Ultimately, the M3b has all of the quality of the CCell M3 battery and other oil cartridge batteries, but raises the bar with its ability to change heat settings while providing best flavor and potency. It also features 3 heat settings, a child-resistant lock, and sleek stainless-steel housing. The CCell M3b is designed for you to take your slim pen vaping with CCell to the next level.


How to use the M3b:

First, screw in your 510-threaded cartridge to the top of the battery. Then, turn on your battery with 5 rapid clicks of the M3b. Once the battery is on, you will be able to adjust the temperature settings on the M3b with just 3 gentle clicks of the M3b. To use, inhale while pressing the button down on the battery. Once you are finished, you can keep your vape pen secure by locking the device and avoiding unintentional activation. Finally, your vape pen is now child-resistant with just 5 quick clicks.

Charging the CCell M3b Battery:

A green flashing light will indicate the battery is charging. A solid green light (no longer flashing) means the battery has reached a full charge

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